Let your kids have fun learning the most valuable skill in the world today ...programming!
...the FUN Way!
Fun is ...Creativity + Problem Solving.
Kids should not just Use Technology...
....They should Learn how to make them!
Today's computers are more like a box of crayons than a calculator.
...and your kids know that!
Learn how to Control Objects with Code
Yes ...your Kids can Code!

Welcome to Kids Learn To CODE

What We Believe

Kids Learn To Code initiative is not primarily about equipping the next generation to work as software engineers, but it is about promoting computational thinking. Computational thinking is how software engineers solve problems. It combines mathematics, logic and algorithms, and teaches you a new way to think about the world.

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It's not just a camp, it's an investment in your child's future. Register your kid now.

Why Your Kids Must Learn to Code

Learning how to write code teaches kids to blend logical and creative thought to solve problems, and that's a skill that will benefit them in any career. Coding is the best form of brain exercise! Brain exercise is important when kids are young. It's simple: Just like physical exercise makes them stronger, brain exercise makes them smarter. This builds confidence as well.

Like a wizard-in-training, your kids might think these concepts seem tedious, but with some knowledge and practice, they’ll be able to command their computer like a magic wand to perform incredible feats.